Anime Club welcomes new members

Laneya Christian, Senior Staff Writer

Anime Club kicked off the year with a pizza party 3-4:30 p.m. after school Sept. 13. The club  provided tons of Little Caesars pizza and drinks for new members. The purpose for the kickoff party was for new members to join and colbarate on the date for the first official meeting.

“[Sponsor Tiffany Stevenson] and I wanted to get the club started as soon as possible,” president Tavia Buffington, senior, said. “Since COVID-19 is starting to die down, I hope we get a lot of new people who show up throughout the rest of the year.”

 Anime members get to learn about their interest in the anime genre, watch anime shows, sit and talk, draw, read and just be themselves.

“I’m really excited to meet the new members eventually,” Buffington said. “Hopefully we will get some more [members] and I’m really excited to just watch new anime and learn about people in the club.”

In the past, Anime Club has done service for the school like writing cards for retired teachers and helped run the school store for football games and basketball games. 

“We sell T-shirts and water bottles during that,” Buffington said. 

The Anime Club is still planning events for the school year.