IPS builds community at Camp Wood

Avery Inman, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

Rock climbing, horseback riding and archery, what could be more fun? 

Interpersonal skills class did all that and more on Sept.14 on their annual field trip. The group attended Camp Wood, a YMCA camp that had activities and courses that challenged students and leaders while encouraging  teamwork and building friendships. 

“We went horseback riding and did a bunch of fun activities like archery,” senior Claire Crocker said. “We just got to make new friendships and it was a great place.” 

One of the primary purposes of IPS is to show that people who have disabilities aren’t any less able than other people. Attending Camp Wood showed participants that even with differences, they can come together and have fun.

“My favorite part was probably horseback riding,” Crocker said. “It was fun and there was good scenery.” 

The class was split into smaller groups and were put with people they didn’t normally work with, to help build new friendships and get them out of their comfort zones. 

“[IPS teacher Jamie Schnee] had said that after Camp Wood  we’d all be a lot closer,” Crocker said. “I think that definitely was the case.We all made new friendships because we’re in assigned groups,so it was fun to be pushed outside our comfort zone and activities and make new friendships.”