J.V. Boys Soccer wins 8-0 against JC

Amylee Gil, Staff Writer

The Junior Varsity boys soccer team beat JC 8-0 on Monday night, Sept 26. The team had a strong start, ending the first half 5-0. 

“I expected it to be pretty good and easy,” sophomore Ryan Heitmann said. 

The team came in hard and kept it up throughout the rest of the game, earning an easy win against JC once again.

“We were ready to bounce back,” coach Marshall Adams said. “We felt we knew we had to fix a couple things, we knew this team was going to play a certain way. I think we need to work on moving while we dont have the ball.” 

Monday’s game left the team in good spirits, and they have high expectations for the rest of the season. “Hopefully we can keep up the pace for the rest of the season,” Heitmann said.

Adams predicts more winning in the rest of the team’s season. 

“We always say that when we win like this it sets the new standard,” he said.

The J.V. soccer team will next play against Emporia High School this Thursday in an away game.