Blood Drive lets students help others

McKenzie Thurston, Staff Writer

Student Council hosted its yearly Red Cross blood drive yesterday, Nov. 9, in the West Gym with, receiving a number of donations that StuCo sponsor Leslie Campbell was satisfied with. 

“We collected 39 pints of blood,” Campbell said, “mostly from first time donors.” 

Those who have never participated are sometimes nervous about the process, but long-term donors encourage younger students and those who haven’t donated before. 

“I think many people are scared of donating but it’s really not that scary,” senior Linley Wilson said. “The staff is always so nice!” 

Wilson is one of many returning donors who took part that day. 

I’ve donated for a year,” Wilson said. “Donating makes me feel proud of myself. It’s my civic duty to donate blood for those who need transfusions and surgery. I feel accomplished and happy. I love donating blood and I think everyone should. I donate because I want to help people, I want to make an impact on someone’s life, even if I don’t know them.”

Donating blood allows student to contribute to a need and leaves them feeling good about themselves for helping to save someone’s life. 

“I think donating blood is a very fulfilling experience. I donate because blood donations are very much needed and also because I value giving,” senior Madi Hsu said. “The best thing about donating is knowing you are helping others.”

The blood drive is something students can use to start their lifetime of service. 

“Student Council members learn to take charge in interacting with an outside group and organizing an event of this kind,” Campbell said. “So much learning in one day.”