Make Love Not War

Otis Mazurkiewicz, Staff Writer

Eager to spread climate justice across the school, the Art Club and the Red Cross Club collaborated last Friday the 3rd to create a special kind of item. After school, both clubs gathered in Clancey Livingston’s room to create designs for stickers. The students at this event were assigned the task of designing stickers about Earth versus warfare. This event was organized by the presidents of both clubs, in hopes of spreading environmental awareness.

Junior Anvesha Sharda is the Community Service President of the Red Cross Club. Sharda took part in the event last Friday, helping students to brainstorm ideas about potential sticker designs, with all of the representatives of the two clubs. She decided to form this collaboration for one main reason.

 “It’s mainly for our campaign, we just wanted to collaborate with other clubs in the school and get more people involved, and get them aware of this topic.”

 Sharda runs a campaign known as the International Humanitarian Law Youth Action Campaign, IHLYAC for short. This campaign aims to spread awareness on how armed combat impacts the environment. 

As the Kansas-Oklahoma Field Ambassador, Sharda has many opportunities to collaborate with other State Field Ambassadors, to discuss MHS projects and projects of other schools. 

Sophomore Nathan Vaughn is a member of the Art Club. 

 “I liked the thinking process, I usually just enjoy thinking. I think it’s pretty fun coming up with ideas like these, combining two things together,” Sophomore Nathan said.

Vaughn made a few sticker designs, one of them being two puzzle pieces not clicking together, symbolizing nature over conflicts. 

Sophomore Sam Tarter is another member of the Art Club. In the sticker collaboration event, Tarter designed a couple of designs as well, primarily a design of Earth blooming with pressed flowers. Tarter enjoyed the collaboration between the two clubs because it allowed them to just work.

 “It felt straight to the point, I didn’t have to wait to make art, I kinda just got to do whatever I wanted to,” Tarter said. 

The Red Cross Club and Art Club are planning to sell the stickers in both the Dusty Bookshelf and during lunch periods near the end of this month. “I would highly recommend that you just come to a meeting. Come to a meeting, see what it’s like,” Sharda said. Within the next month or so, the Red Cross is planning to collaborate with the Environmental Club.