Anime Club members run school store to give back to school

Laneya Christian, Online Editor in Chief

The Manhattan High school store is back for basketball season thanks to Anime Club members. The store can be found at a kiosk near the concession stand area.

The Anime Club took over the school store in 2017 after a BPA sponsor offered the store up to other clubs. The leadership officers back then decided to volunteer and run it to change the narrative about Anime Club. 

“Currently the store is selling T-shirts, baseball T-shirts and long sleeve tees, hoodies, license plates, water cups, water bottles, coffee cups and MHS masks,” Anime Club sponsor Tiffany Stevenson said. 

Once the Anime Club finishes up with the school store they plan to kickoff their annual coffee house after spring break to fundraise for a brand new Anime convention at Anime Con that will take place this fall.