APES and atoms

Otis Mazurkiewicz, Staff Writer

With a passion for learning about how nuclear energy works, the AP Environmental Science class will be taking a trip to Kansas State University on Feb. 24. APES will travel to 112 Ward Hall on K-State Campus to visit the nuclear reactor there. 

“I’m excited to see how things run and to see things up close,” APES student Ayana Jones, junior, said. “I think it’ll be a fun thing to see and learn about.”

Within the last month, the APES class has been studying nuclear energy, so taking this trip will allow for more technical aspects of how nuclear energy is handled, as well as the precautions put in place to prevent any future accidents or mishaps. Clancy Livingston, the APES teacher, is quite excited about this trip.

 “The best part for me will be how they will turn the reactor on, while we’re observing the reactor from above,” said Livingston.