Winter Homecoming: Evangelidis and Delort crowned royalty after strenuous Spirit Week

Otis Mazurkiewicz, Staff Writer

From jerseys to pajamas, students all across Manhattan High School represented their school this past week with Spirit Week dress-up days.

Manhattan High School’s Tribe came up with themes centered around the word “home”. The themes included school colors, Valentine’s Day, pajama day, western/cowboy theme and jerseys.

Senior Linley Wilson is president of Tribe. Throughout the last few months, Tribe brainstormed ideas for student Homecoming involvement, eventually bringing them to school administration.

“Monday and Friday were supposed to be flip-flopped,” Wilson said. “We figured it would be much easier to wear your school colors on Monday because we always try to make Monday an easy theme for people to do.” 

Wilson works alongside other Tribe members, which include seniors McKenzie Thurston and Ashlyn Cassel.

“It’s all about making sure that everyone feels like they can do something, that they feel open and welcomed.” Cassel said.

That’s one of many technical aspects of Spirit Week. 

Tribe members spend hours researching and planning Spirit weeks, to make sure that as many students can participate as possible. When discussing the details taken into consideration for planning out themes, Rep Leader Thurston said,

“It’s honestly just about trying to find things that everybody wants to do,” Thurston said. “Many people love wearing PJs to school, most people own school colors.” 

Many students across MHS took part in Spirit Week. Corryn Klandernan, junior, chose to wear LaMelo Ball’s jersey on Friday. Klandernan chose to wear his jersey for a couple of reasons. 

“I wore this jersey because I love LaMelo Ball and he’s the best NBA player in my opinion,” Klanderman said.

Kobe Gutierez, junior, represented the Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes. Gutierez put on Mahomes’ jersey mainly for the looks of it all.

“I wore it because I look good in it,” Gutierez said. 

Spirit Week was not limited to students, as teachers were also encouraged to put on some spirit wear, with Algebra teacher Amber Innes wearing a Chiefs jersey on Friday 

Spirit Week allows for five days of creativity and fun that help students get more involved at Manhattan High School. Although a security lockdown on Friday afternoon canceled the pep rally and tug-of-war, that didn’t stop students from showing up later showing up later in the day dressed in red to support the MHS basketball team against Washburn Rural.

Senior Dre Delort won Homecoming King in between the Girls and Boys Basketball games on Friday, while senior Sophia Evangelidis was crowned queen

“It felt great, knowing that people voted for me and that I have so many supporters,” Delort said. “It’s really cool knowing that people have my back, and to be crowned in front of my home crowd.”