JAG-K program welcomes new teachers

Avery Inman, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

Manhattan High School’s chapter of Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas has brought two new teachers on board to help keep the program alive and growing for students of MHS. 

The JAG-K program helps kids who qualify for assistance in certain areas and provides them with a program that sets them on a road to success. Students in the program learn employable skills, as well as skills for leadership and development. In addition,students in the program complete 10 hours of community service per year. 

“When I was in high school, we had no sort of support in the sense of getting to learn about careers,” new teacher Oliva Quevedo said. “I lived overseas and it was just not something they did. So I wanted to be a part of something that helps to provide support to students and help them learn about all sorts of aspects going into adulthood after high school.”

Those involved in this program participate in many conferences and activities as well as class time and learning that prepares them to enter the workforce after high school or further schooling.
“I want to make sure people leave here feeling a lot more confident,” Quevedo said, “[whether] going into a career field or college or wherever they may end up.”

Through JAG-K, students meet with potential employers in the area as well as around the state. They learn interviewing skills and build their resumes and there are opportunities like summer internships and job shadowing available. 

“I’ve enjoyed this last week, we went to a conference on Wednesday with a couple of students that was really fun,” Quevedo said. “I think the program has a lot of really good potential to be a good opportunity for a lot of students, no matter who you are or what your background is.”