The Willow Project entails disaster on our environment

Danny Biniecki, Mentor Editorial Staff

The Willow Project is the latest and most controversial project the Biden Administration has authorized, and the proposed policy has met extreme pushback after the official approval on March 13.

The project, proposed in 2020 by company ConocoPhillips, was approved by the Trump Administration.

Now once again moving forward, The Willow Project details a massive oil drilling in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, causing massive damage to the environment, animals and will change the acceleration of climate change in a negative direction towards what we want.

The problem is that The Willow Project is a decades-long plan that will have detrimental effects on the environment via pollution, climate change and the destruction of the land used for drilling because of the dangerous chemicals released by oil drilling.

Many people have called out President Biden, claiming he broke a campaign promise. People are not happy with Biden and are rebelling against The Willow Project by protests and petitions signed by over 4.9 million people.

We the members of the Mentor Editorial Staff understand the benefits Biden plans for the near future, providing $8-17 billion to the federal government and oil independence from Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela. But the after effects of pollution and climate change to the further future is too damaging and will affect Gen-Z and future generations. With the increase of climate change, The Willow Project will only excel its growth by adding 70 million metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere over the next 30 years. 

This project entails the destruction of the environment and will affect not only the location of the Willow Projects drilling, but the entire world. The Willow Project needs to be stopped.