Banning Tik Tok won’t make a difference

Will Ivester, Sports Editor

The United States government is once again threatening to ban TikTok after attempting to do so around two and a half years ago. They want to ban it because they think that the Chinese government is stealing citizens’ data. There have also been reports that the government is using it to spread propaganda to US audiences.

If the US tries to ban Tik Tok, I don’t think it will affect anything or change anything as people will just switch to other social media apps that people can still steal info from.

The US government is trying to ban TikTok because the company that owns it is based in China and our government officials believe that the Chinese government might try to make the company hand over private information from US users.

Even if TikTok does get banned, there will still be people that the US does not like that will try and steal information. You can’t get rid of every social media app because most people now rely on social media to give them the news, sports, entertainment, etc.

There are also a lot of US citizens that want the app banned because of all the negative emotion and bad influence it puts on the younger audience, who are more likely to be on the app.

Once the U.S. does or does not get rid of it, people will just move to a different social media app and post the same things. I feel like every social media has a way to give out public information and if there is a spy for a company there is no way of stopping information from getting out to the public and someone will eventually steal it,as it  happens all the time

There are also a lot of people that use the app for work purposes and to promote their products that they are selling. Since the US is so scared of having personal data stolen, the people who are scared should just delete the app themselves or they should not post and keep everything private. 

Banning TikTok has no effect on most people. The people that I do think will be hurt by it are the people that primarily make their money off of TikTok and promote most of their business on it. Almost everything that is posted on Tik Tok has been reposted by the same person on Instagram, so the ban will have no effect and should not be that big of a deal.