SkillsUSA preview for State

Will Ivester, Sports Editor

All the hard work the SkillsUSA team has put in this year all for this week when the SkillsUSA team will travel to Hutchinson April 26-28 Wednesday through Friday for the State competition as they look to advance to nationals.

“[State last year] was a lot of fun ,it was being able to do an activity that I like at a competitive level and being able to do it with my friends,” Hailey Vardiman said.” It was also very stressful when our whole project got deleted and we had to start over.”

SkillsUSA is a leadership-based club, with an emphasis on workplace leadership. The club also prepares its members for many different potential professions through competitions.

The competition has over a 100 events for everyone and people from all over the state attending. The competition offers scholarships, internships and job opportunities for those who compete.

“All of us have been getting ready for the competition and everything we have done up to this point has all been for the competition,” senior Wyatt Karl said.

For the team to move onto nationals they will have to earn the gold medal in their competition area either as a team or individually where they will move onto the National leadership and Skills Championship Conference where they will compete against the best from each state.

“We’ve all put in a lot of hard work for the competition and [Mr. Pushee] has really helped us a lot to prepare for the competition,” senior Alessandra Porres said.” Now we just have to put the work into the competition.”