BPA prepares for National Competition

Avery Inman, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

After the State competitions in February, many members of the Manhattan High School’s Business Professionals of America chapter have been revamping and changing their projects to prepare for the National competition in California this week. 

During the time between State and Nationals, those qualified for Nationals headed to the National competition have taken time to look over judges comments and make their projects better to give them a better chance at placing in the competition. 

“I’m competing in a small business management team with seniors Grace Bannister, Amarti Tesafye and Saylor Salmons,” senior Audrey Cook said. “At the last Career and Technical Education advisory board meeting, we presented to a group of people who specialize in marketing and they gave us feedback to change our presentation and make it better so that we have a better chance at placing at Nationals.”

The club has a wide variety of participation, from small groups to individuals. They have all spent countless hours preparing their presentations to compete at this high level. 

“I’m competing in entrepreneurship,” senior Melany Buscot said. “I created a mock business website, which I didn’t have at State, and then I also added more information regarding corporate and the environment and how my business would make the environment better.”

Not only is there a range of projects and competition areas that will be represented by MHS, many different grade levels are represented. 

“I am competing in the health leadership, special topic presentation” junior Sonika Khosla said. “I’ve been going over my slides and I took into account the feedback that I got from judges at state and mainly I’ve just been practicing.”