SADD Students talk to 6th grader for the first time

Danny Biniecki, Mentor Editor-in-Chief

To educate the younger generation, the Students Against Destructive Decisions went down to Eisenhower and Anthony middle schools to talk to the sixth graders about drugs, alcohol and bullying. In order to accomplish all areas, SADD split up the sixth grade students into three groups when they got to their required P.E class.

“SADD advocates for our generation and generations younger to make the right decisions, what it looks like to be Drug Free and just overall how to have a successful life,” SADD co-president Emilie Bunning, senior, said. 

All three groups included the talk about usage of drugs and alcohol and why the kids shouldn’t use the substances but each had their own specific activity to keep the kids attention and entertain them educationally. One group had the kids play a version of red light, green light, where a SADD officer would ask right or wrong statements about if the kids would cheat, use drugs, skip school, bully other kids and more. The kids would run if the statement meant that they would never use drugs, skip school, bully, etc. 

The other two groups would ask the kids questions about all the potential negative substances they could see at school and what they would do if they saw these substances or were offered them. The kids would receive candy if they answered that they would stay away and not get involved with these substances.

“My hope is that it really prepares them for when they’re in highschool,” Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coordinator Kari Humes said. “They’re going to be faced with making difficult decisions and difficult choices. If we can empower them before they can make those decisions, that’s even better.”