Kyler Horsman

Will Ivester, Sports Editor

Senior Kyler Horsman from the Manhattan baseball team has been outstanding on the mound and behind the plate and has shown leadership on and off the field for the Indians and has helped his team to an 11-0 start

“The effort that me and everyone else have put in this season has really led us to a great start and we all help each other lead the way and that’s why we’ve been so successful,” Horsman said.

So far in the season Horsman has had four starts on the mound against Wichita South, Topeka High, Junction City and Washburn Rural on the mound while allowing only nine runs in his 24 innings pitched while posting a 2.42 ERA on the year..

“It’s my last season and this team means everything to me,” Horsman said.” So hopefully we can make it count and surpass last season and win it all,” Horsman said.

Behind the plate Horsman has accounted for five extra base hits with four doubles and a homerun.

“To me, being a leader on this team means that you push everyone to play their best and making sure that everyone stays focused on the field,” Horsman said.