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Manhattan falls short to Derby
Manhattan falls short to Derby
Will Ivester, Sports Editor • November 10, 2023

The Manhattan High football team fell short 21-23 to Derby in Sectionals, ending their season with a 9-2 record.Going into Friday’s...

America is Ugly


Based on the headline, you may be thinking to yourself that for the entirety of this feature, I will be going off on all the things that I hate about America, both politically and socially, but that is not the case.

Instead, I’m going to talk about an observation that has been in my mind for months.

America is very ugly.

Yes, I know we have the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and the picturesque Florida beaches. I know America has one of the most diverse landscapes of any country. I know. 

What I want to take a look at are America’s suburbs, roads and cities.

The majority of Americans live in urban areas and over half live in suburbs. With all those people, you’d think that each area would have a unique design and its own culture.

Though that is the case for some cities like New York or New Orleans, it isn’t for most of the U.S.

Instead, the majority of Americans are left with buildings that rinse and repeat with designs, a lack of a city culture that stands out and roads that take up most of the city, making cars a necessity.

Let’s take a look at the suburbs. 

In the late 19th century, suburbs were created to give rich city dwellers an escape from city life, yet still be able to travel to and from work with ease. The popularity of the suburb only expanded after World War II, when soldiers used money from the G.I. Bill to settle in the suburbs and raise their families.

Now, suburbs have become mazes of identical buildings that have only caused more problems, with the main issue being the necessity of cars and roads.

Due to this demand for cars and roads, constructors tear out the natural beauty of a landscape in exchange for roads and highways the size of rivers.

It would  be fine if there were few highways like this, but every single one is larger than what it needs to be.

These large rivers of cement only take away from the beauty of America and instead make the environment dirty due to all the litter left by road travelers. Moreover, these large highways have led to transportation contributing 29% of greenhouse gasses in America, making it the largest emitter in the U.S.

The cities surrounding these highways are just as bad. Due to the construction of roads everywhere, walking and public transportation have gone out the window. 

Cities nowadays have very few areas to walk without fear of getting hit by a car or the area being taken up by a Walmart with an acre parking lot.

Cities can make their appearance a lot better if they just used public transportation as the main way of transportation. It saves a lot more money and harms the environment a lot less.

Overall, America could do a lot better when it comes to its appearance. Some towns don’t have an issue, but the majority are bland and ugly, making America as a whole look ugly.

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