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Spring Concert Fever


May concerts for Orchestra, Choir and Band have been a last chance for seniors in the Performing Arts department classes to show off what they’ve learned through their years of music.

Orchestra had the final concert of the year last Wednesday, with band to follow yesterday and choir today.

Senior bass player Eli Eickhoff is a member of both Orchestra and Blue Notes Jazz Band, involving him in two of the concerts.

“I love my music and I love being in an ensemble with my friends. All of us have grown close to each other over the years so it’s sad to say goodbye.”

The pieces of music being played during the concerts are a wide variety of styles of songs. The band is playing “Chasing Sunlight,” “Infinity” and “13 Moons.” The Choir is singing “Lord Bless You and Keep You,” “Reincarnation” and many other songs. The orchestra is playing three pieces, “Algar Introduction to Legro,” “Romance” and a new piece by Scott Freebie.

“My favorite piece, probably ‘Infinity,’ I really like ‘Infinity.’ It sounds futuristic and space-like,” Eickhoff said.

Performing fun music for family and friends in concerts like these is a great way for seniors to demonstrate leadership and help younger students learn from their experience.

“Practice more than you think. There is always room for improvement, you’re never good enough,” Eickhoff said. “That sounds like a bad thing to say but the point of progress is to be better, and you can always do better.”

Senior Rebekah Borthwick also learned some things about performance that would benefit younger Performing Arts students.

“Don’t be afraid to sing out, even if you are going to make a mistake. It’s okay to make mistakes and that is how you learn,” Borthwick said. “Don’t just listen to those around you and just try to follow, because that isn’t how you are going to mature as a singer, you just need to practice.”

For those who haven’t gotten involved in Performing Arts yet, the senior leaders encourage giving it a try.

“Join early, as early as possible, pick a good instrument, they are all really good, just pick whatever sounds best to you and just stick with it,” senior Ian Carter said. “Practice is worth it and you will get better playing really quick early on, and it’s an enjoyable thing to do.”

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