Scholars Bowl teams win first

Andrea Lu, Graphics Editor

Last week was a busy one for the Manhattan High Varsity and Junior Varsity Scholars Bowl teams. On Monday Jan. 26, JV had a small meet in Junction City, followed by the Varsity Scholars Bowl attending a meet at Flint Hills Christian on Tuesday and then a JV meet at MHS on Thursday Jan. 28. MHS Scholars Bowl ended the week with members heading to Topeka for the taping of QUEST. Both JV and Varsity had successful weeks, placing first in their respectful meets on Tuesday and Thursday. Assistant Scholars Bowl Coach Tim Ekart took the Varsity team this week.

“We went 11-0,” Ekart said. “It was a round robin where you simply play every team that was in attendance. We had a very strong showing and never really had any threats, so to speak, and we had a very good meet for us.”

Although there wasn’t any particularly challenging competition, there were a couple teams that were close to winning first.

“We won every match and the only ones that were close were against Wamego and Hayden,” senior Joshua Schwartz said.

Junior Eric Higgins also attended the Varsity meet.

“We did pretty well,” Higgins said. “We were undefeated and the next closest team had two losses.”

At the JV meet at MHS, there were a total of four teams: MHS 1, MHS 2, MHS 3 and Flint Hills Christian. MHS 1, who had been together since sixth grade, placed first, MHS 2 placed second and MHS 3 placed fourth.

As for upcoming events, the Varsity Scholars Bowl team will have a regional meet on Thursday at Topeka High and another taping of QUEST, the televised high school academic competition on Saturday.