Choir auditions begin

Savannah Cherms, Entertainment Editor

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With spring break approaching, students and teachers alike have started thinking about next year. In preparation for the upcoming year, choir members have started their audition process to get into Chamber, Varsity or Pops choirs. Students have a two part audition process, consisting of a vocal and a written portion. From there, choir director Chad Pape will evaluate the students and make the decision of what choir they will be placed in, if any at all.

“You sing the same song as everyone else four times, high and low pitch,” sophomore Emily WIlli said. “Then we do a written audition where you get four measures of music and you have to solfege it, you diagram it. Then you go and perform it for Pape.”

There is a large amount of students who are auditioning, so the process can take some time. Still, the process is not as stressful as one might normally think an audition is.

“It wasn’t too bad, considering you don’t have to sing alone,” sophomore Lacy Fisher said. “It’s nice when other people are louder so you don’t feel like you’re out singing them or that people can only hear you.”

Fisher also reports that while the audition was low stress, there were still nerves.

“It was more having to get up and stand there that was more nerve racking. Not the singing itself, more just having your peers watch you.”

Auditions will finish out with the written auditions taking place after school, which students have to sign up for on their own time.

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