The Maine return from hiatus with ‘Bad Behavior’

Savannah Cherms, Trending Editor

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Every hot summer day, emo-pop band The Maine took the Warped Tour stage. And after every set, the band promised exciting new music in the upcoming year. Along with their on-stage speeches, the band had teased their new project on every social media possible. Finally, after spending months in a small, intimate recording studio out in the woods, the band has finally returned to society with their newest single “Bad Behavior.”

Just in time for Valentine’s day, The Maine produced a fun, windows-down love song. Showcasing the talents of the band as a whole, as well as incredible story telling, “Bad Behavior” is wholeheartedly The Maine, with a little something new.

The instrumentals of this song take you back to the early days of The Maine, when all of the members had the same haircut, and filming music videos in airport lobbies. A bright guitar part welcomes you and immediately makes you want to dance. As John O’Callaghan’s voice drifts into the song like smoke, it sets the tone for the rest of the song.

The bridge of this song is what stands out to me the most. It takes a break from the fast and strong guitar and drum combo to let O’Callaghan’s light vocals that just make you want to fall in love with lyrics like “let’s go to a place where we can forget, we haven’t left the room yet.

You eloquently stated, leaving’s overrated.” Ultimately that’s what the song is about: falling in love with someone you shouldn’t, but you do it anyway. Being wild and free and living in the moment. This theme is nothing new when it comes to The Maine, with songs from their previous album like “My Hair.”

The end of the song fades off with a slowed down guitar tone, promising a follow-up song.

As the year progresses, The Maine continues to tease their post Warped Tour sound. The band has not yet announced when the album will be coming out, but have released the name “Lovely, Little, Lonely.” The album is available for preorder and they will be on tour this spring.

Being a long-time listener I did not think this band could top their last album, “American Candy.” And yet as I listen to this song, I am forced to eat my words. A fun and sexy song is exactly something The Maine is expected to do, and they still managed to blow it out of the water. As an avid listener, I am ecstatic to see where this new sound leads The Maine.

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The Maine return from hiatus with ‘Bad Behavior’