Harry Styles’ new album rocks the music world; establishes new musical reputation for former boy band star.

Meredith Comas, Staff Writer

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In the past, former One Direction member and mega pop star Harry Styles has been known for his catchy boy band tunes that had preteens and some adults literally, and figuratively, going insane. Well not any more. Look out world because Harry Styles is back after a temporary hiatus, and this time he’s ditching the bass and preppy boy band style with an all-new approach to pop music that’s shaking up the music world.

In his new album self-entitled “Harry Styles,” which dropped just last Friday, the star has really explored and established his own musical style, and the result is a surprise for fans everywhere.

The music world got its first real look at Styles’ personal music style with his single “Sign of the Times,” released earlier this spring on April. 7, and were astonished to hear acoustic instrumentals as well as mellow vocals and tones in the new song instead of Styles’ usual upbeat pop music. This was just the beginning.

His new album, conveying sweet and, at times, very intimate and personal songs with a sense of emotional anger and pain entice the listener and create a feeling as if one were conversing with the artist himself. His melodic acoustics and vocals like that of the Dave Matthews Band mixed with harsh, classic rock sounds like that of The Rolling Stones bring about an astonishing new musical vibe from the artist and give the album a sense of raw, musical vulnerability.

He has created an even balance of sweet guitar music like that of the song “Sweet Creature” and attention-taking, rock ‘n’ roll sounds in his songs like “Carolina” and “Kiwi.”

Styles has taken large steps away from his pop era of teen music and created a sense of musical maturity in his new album that gives a real look into who he is, establishing himself as more than a teen star and a pop idol, but as a thriving, mature musical artist.

While it is clear he has kept some of his old One Direction habits with him, such as singing almost entirely about a girl in every song on the album, Styles has created something refreshing and different from today’s radio pop songs. Instead of solely focusing on the physical side of a relationship, he has focused on the emotional roller coaster that is love and that is emotions in our world today.

For those who typically don’t care for his style, this album will change everything you ever thought about Styles’ music.

Styles successfully brought back classic rock music with a fresh and overall wonderful twist that works perfectly with his vocals. The songs have a sense about them that, instead of demanding attention, simply make you willingly give it to them. It’s new, it’s personal, and just like his name, it’s got style.


Songs on the album


  • ‘Meet Me In The Hallway’
  • ‘Sign Of The Times’
  • Carolina’
  • ‘Two Ghosts’
  • ‘Sweet Creature’
  • ‘Only Angel’
  • ‘Kiwi’
  • ‘Ever Since New York’
  • ‘Woman’
  • ‘From The Dining Table’


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