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Erick Echegaray, Opinions Editor

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Among the small things in life I enjoy infinitely, separate from smashing guitars on stages and meeting new people, it has to be reading that has brought me fulfilment beyond words. It has been reading too, among other things, which have kept me company whenever that subtle emptiness has plagued me like everyone else. Specifically it has aided me to expand myself. To think about everything, and to desire learning.

If my adolescence, or my entire life, have taught me anything, particularly while in high school, it has been that finding your passions is important, but trying and experiencing new things is most crucial. Educating oneself, while being able to dive deep into other people’s lives, into their opinions without prejudice, into the way they see the world. High school has given me that at least.  

“Broad and alien is the world” a fellow compatriot of mine once said and I agree. I’ve lived on three different continents, and people and situations still astonish me. Throughout my time here, which is now a decade I’ve been exposed to many faces, many truths and many lies. One of the truths is that as a young person you have power. You deserve the ability to think for yourself and to experiment. To challenge the world, its rules and its limitations and to feel and express completely free of stigmas. Question everything; specifically what is the standard.

As a first generation immigrant, coming from Peru and living a decade now here in Manhattan, I’ve met wonderful people.  Some I’ll never forget hopefully because I’ll still see them often.

My friends, my teachers, as well as the community have exposed me to a variety of things. Even if the school was a place where sometimes I didn’t want to be in, it gave me much. It gave me the freedom to learn and become myself and for that I will appreciate my time here endlessly.

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