Pops Choir begins year with annual camp

MaKenna Eilert, Blue M Photo Editor

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Give em’ the ol razzle dazzle. Pops Choir jazzed it up at their annual beginning-of-the-year camp to prepare for the upcoming season.

Students danced for upwards of 11 hours for three days straight, with a private concert for parents on the fourth day. It takes skill and dedication to be accepted into Pops Choir.

“I’ve been in choir since I was in fifth grade so it was kind of cool to be in Pops Choir this year,” junior Parker Wilson said.

The dedication doesn’t end there. Arriving at nine a.m., students got straight to work. The first morning was dedicated to listening and explaining the choreography for all six sets the choir had to memorize.

“Monday afternoon, all of Tuesday, all of Wednesday, all of Thursday is just learning every single bit of choreography, like none of us know anything,” Wilson said. “After the first few days we know like four or five set pieces so it’s pretty crazy.”

The Pops Choir is also incorporating more serious literature pieces into their sets this year, as opposed to last year.

“We have our dance set pieces but then we also do some pretty serious literature so it’ll be interesting this year,” Wilson said.

Many of the students from Varsity Choir in the previous school year were chosen for this year’s Pops Choir.

“We actually already have a pretty close bonding,” Wilson said regarding the Varsity transition.

These bonds helped the students trust each other with the more difficult dance moves in their routines. Lifting people over head and swinging each other around are common moves the choreographers like to utilize.

“Some people are literally swinging others around their bodies, which is a really big deal and there’s a lot of trust in that,” Wilson said.

The flashy dancing makes Pops Choir extremely exciting to watch, making them a prime candidate for exclusive concerts. Many of which are held at various elementary and middle schools around Manhattan.

“We already have five or six concerts booked for the first two months,” Wilson said.

Pop’s Choir, also referred to as “the one with the red dresses,” and the “dancing choir,” by students, continues to strive for perfection.

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