New advisory committee at work

MaKenna Eilert, Blue M Photo Editor

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Select students and teachers sacrificed their personal summer time in order to organize and revamp the advisory experience for the upcoming school year.

Current Tribe and Student Council members were asked to serve on the student advisory committee but all students are welcome to join.

“There’s kind of three Tribe members and then four Student Council members since I’m on both but any student could be welcome,” senior Lily Colburn said.

Those who chose to volunteer on the committee were required to attend meetings over a three day period to prepare plans for the upcoming school year.

“Over the course of these three days the students and teachers and counselors have been working three hours each day,” teacher Andrew Lee said.

The student advisory committee was formed to help transfer the feedback received from unhappy students, or those with new ideas regarding advisory.

“We help communicate between students and the members of the advisory board, what’s good about advisory and what’s not,” junior Trinity Price said.

These comments and suggestions are collected and relayed to other committee members at recurring meetings to discuss and resolve current problems with the advisory system.

“We’re going to meet with them the rest of the year and continue on weekly with weekly meetings so that they get constant updates about how this year is going,” Colburn said.

The general consensus about advisory last year was that it failed to unite the students as a whole.

“A lot of people didn’t even know the names of everyone in their advisory so that’s my first goal, that everyone gets to know the people in their advisory,” Colburn said.

Last year’s advisory period failed to constitute a main goal to work towards.

“I think it wound up being a lot of people pulling in a lot of different directions to try to get the same things,” teacher Leslie Campbell said.

The idea of adding students was willingly implemented by the advisory board and many staff members have high hopes for the approaching school year.

“Adding students creates a new environment and a fresh idea that will hopefully allow students to have more buy-in and more say in what goes on in advisory,” Lee said.

Although advisory period received a bad reputation in its first year, students and staff on the committee are confident in its abilities to become a beneficial addition to the school day.

“I want everyone to keep an open mind about advisory because just because it wasn’t good last year doesn’t mean that it can’t be really great and fulfilling this year,” Colburn said.

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New advisory committee at work