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Discrimination against Hispanics in application processes wrong

Zayra Espinoza, 21st Century Journalism Student

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Adding pages to an application just because one is Hispanic/Latino is unfair and unnecessary. Filling out the race section of an application has caused confusion for many and to this day still does.

One thing that is truly confusing is why a person has to deal with extra work just because they stated they are Hispanic/Latino. The race section is used for purposes to monitor any discrimination occurring in the hiring process. However, if one has to fill out extra work just because they stated their race, isn’t that discrimination already?

When filling out applications, I never spotted the difference between mine and anyone else’s. We all had to state if we are legal to work in the United States, we all had to check the box to state which race we qualified under. It was all the same paperwork, that is until one day my friends asked me what work I was filling out after I stated my race. I watched as they showed me how their application immediately moved on after filling out their race. This is how it was for every race, all except Hispanic/Latino. I remember feeling a mixture of both confusion and irritation as I realized I had to fill out at least three extra pages of work due to stating that I am Hispanic.

I am strongly against having extra work made for only one race and not just because it is mine. Listening to my Hispanic/Latino friends bicker over how annoying it is to fill out extra work is extremely upsetting, especially because I understand how they feel. It makes no sense why there is extra work given to one when they have already stated they are legal to work in the United States. That is enough confirmation for other races, why isn’t it enough for Hispanics/Latinos? I believe every person should have the same amount of paperwork when it comes to sections like race.

The extra questions put in the applications are completely excessive, as they are basically just another recap of asking the person if they are legal but in a different way by asking them if they are able to work. They go into depth of asking the person where they are from and if they were born there or in the United States, etc. It is understandable to ask what type of Hispanic a person is, so they can be represented properly. However, three or more pages of questions about it is a bit much and asking if they are able to work yet again is uncalled for.

Many may argue that it is only a few more pages but the significance of these few pages is far more crucial than two pages. It signifies the oppression and the racism that exists to this day. The fact that this is added onto every application including higher positions such as teaching positions, is unacceptable.

My parents are still required to fill out extra pages when they mention their ethnicity. It doesn’t seem like there is a lot one can do, but every person makes a difference and it’s important that everyone acknowledges this.

There should not have to be extra work added for people just because of their ethnicity when they have already proven they are legal to work. There is no need for them to do extra work and everyone should be treated equally. That is what America is supposed to be about, so it is important for America to follow through with what it is known for — equality and freedom.

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Discrimination against Hispanics in application processes wrong