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Sigrid’s vibe isn’t going anywhere

Leah Beyer, Staff Writer

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Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid released her first single “Don’t Kill My Vibe” in February 2017. Since then, she has only risen in popularity and influence.

Most recently, Sigrid was awarded first place for the BBC Sound of 2018. Some other artists that have won this same title include Adele in 2008 and Sam Smith in 2014. Needless to say, it seems warranted to expect big things from Sigrid in the future.

With the majority of Sigrid’s songs, such as “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Plot Twist,” there is very clearly an edge of sass that’s almost aggressive. However, she opens up more with honesty in the release of her song “Dynamite.”

“Strangers,” her most recent single, released at the end of 2017,  tackles the topic of the reality of love and the falsehoods created by Hollywood and media in general. Lines such as, “We’re falling head over heels for something that ain’t real,” make it clear Sigrid wishes to shine a light on lies told by the media. While the lyrics and tone of the song conveys plenty, the music video takes it a step further.

Throughout the video, the camera focuses in on one scene featuring Sigrid and then pans out, proving it to be completely staged. The message from this is quite simple; everyday humans are being flooded with images from various medias displaying how to look, act and feel, but these messages don’t need to carry any weight because they are often over-exaggerated or complete lies.

Sigrid’s actions throughout the “Strangers” video show the immense amount of passion she has for this particular topic, motivating the viewers even further. Seemingly as another statement of her belief, Sigrid is depicted with little makeup and normal clothing, as opposed to something flashy just for the cameras.

At only 21 years old with just four years of making music under her belt, Sigrid has already accomplished many feats. The confidence with which she performs stands as a message to not be afraid to be yourself. In addition to this confidence while in front of an audience and being recognized as the BBC Sound of 2018, she was also able to record “Everybody Knows” for “Justice League” movie.

Sigrid has an undeniable energy that cannot be faked. The vibe shown by her in both her voice and her videos gives her an edge that certainly will not go away. Emerging almost out of nowhere about a year ago, Sigrid has left her mark on the pop industry that will not fade away anytime soon.

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Sigrid’s vibe isn’t going anywhere