Athlete of the Week: Haleigh Harper

Micheal Simmons, Sports Editor

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In every athletic event, there is always a moment where the game can take a turn for the worst or best for both teams. For the Manhattan High Lady Indians this was the third quarter of the Hayden game. Harper became a leader for MHS. Although Harper has spent years developing her craft, it was nothing short of a team effort.

“It always feels good to have a good game especially against a team that we have built up rivalry with,” Harper said. “Without the assists from my teammates and the ball screens that allowed me to get to the basket, I wouldn’t have had near the game I did.”

The team had smooth passes, well-executed plays and a near unstoppable offense going into the second half. The chemistry that has developed within the team helped them to accomplish this.

“I love my teammates,” Harper said. “We have built such a strong bond throughout the season. I can trust them to have my back no matter what. It’s easy to get along with people who are working to achieve the same goal as you. I couldn’t imagine playing with a different group of girls.”

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