Forensics team gains experience

Kaitlin Clark, Entertainment Editor

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Performing in front of judges probably seems like a daunting task to most people, but members of Manhattan High’s forensics team have to do it nearly every weekend.

The MHS forensics team traveled to Seaman High School to compete in the
Ryan Al McKeithan Invitational tournament on Saturday, where they had a number of victories. These included senior John Domingo placing fourth in oration, sophomore Trinity Brockman placing third in Varsity Domestic Extemp and senior Lily Colburn placing first in IX and third in informative speech.

The pressure that performing brings with it can sometimes affect team members’ performances. Even though the team performed well, individual members felt like they could have done even better.

“I could work on my confidence because I always psych myself out whenever I make it to finals,” Brockman said.

Despite this, team members continue to build each other up so that they can all perform to the best of their abilities.

“I really love the team more so because of the people that are in it,” Domingo said. “It’s a fun environment. We get along with each other and although our events and our tournaments are very stressful and very tiring, just the people that are around you on your team and the people that you meet at your tournaments make it a lot better.”

While forensics helps students with skills such as creating an argument, public speaking and preparation, it also teaches skills that one may not usually relate to forensics, such as time management.

“I think personally that people should join the debate and forensics league more so because you can open your mind up to things,” Domingo said, “and for me as a senior I think it kept me on track with schoolwork.”

This week’s forensics tournament provided students with even more experience that will be essential for competitors as they begin competing in larger tournaments as the season continues.

“I think this was a fun tournament,” sophomore Megan Keenan said, “and it was a good learning experience.”

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