Choir rehearses for upcoming performance

Sophia Comas, Features Editor

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In preparation for their approaching concert, the Manhattan High choir has been vigorously rehearsing and working hard to make sure they have an outstanding performance.

The event, which takes place Wednesday, is the second concert the choir will do in 2018 as their first performance occurred in 2017.

“The choirs actually have another concert they do at the end of January that we’ve already done so our preparation time is significantly shorter than it would’ve been otherwise,” Chad Pape, choir director, said. “We’ve worked on the music on and off all quarter. We’ll be ready for Wednesday.”

While the time spent on practicing isn’t as long as the choir would have hoped, they are still rehearsing enough to ensure a quality performance.

“We’ve definitely had a lot more of a practice regime,” Emily Willi, Pops Choir member, said. “Every single day we would have to sit up straight and we have to have a perfect shape in our mouths to sing, and he’s been drilling us pretty hard on that.”

Despite the long amounts of time spent rehearsing, there is room for improvement within the choir to maintain their standard of performing.

“Young singers have trouble, like all young people, thinking abstractly and sometimes they can’t imagine the pressure of an audience and that kind of stuff until it actually happens,” Pape said. “A lot of times what helps them improve and what helps them kind of get to the next level is getting in front of an audience.”

Through rehearsal, the choirs also hope to establish ways to prevent behaviors that interfere with their practices.

“We definitely need to improve on how we act in rehearsals and being on our phones in rehearsals and talking during rehearsals,” Willi said.

Even with this obstacle, the choirs still expect to put on a great performance.

“At this point in the year, it’s really fun working with the choirs because a lot of the fundamental teaching has already taken place so you’re really just doing fun music that you like and your goal is to just sing it well,” Pape said. “I think it should be good.”

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