Forensics competes at T-High tournament

Kaitlin Clark, Entertainment Editor

It was another busy week for the Manhattan High Forensics team as they competed in the Topeka High School April Celebration of Non Qualification.

There were a number of successful competitors including senior John Domingo, who won first in Program Oratory Interpretation and Original Oration, sophomores Megan Keenan and Alison Payne, who received fourth in Public Forum Debate, and freshmen Eadon Marstall and Crysteen Brown, who received sixth in Public Forum Debate.

The many successes of the team are often attributed to their hard work and dedication.

“I practiced the night before and that morning so I was pretty confident in my performance and was prepared for it,” Domingo said.

While many aspects of the tournament were the same for competitors, there were a few things that proved to be new.

“This was our first time competing in [Public Forum Debate] so we weren’t sure what to expect but now we will be more prepared for next time,” Keenan said.

The competitors that placed in their events are already planning ways to make their performances even better so that by next tournament, their rankings will be that much higher.

“I struggled with debating our new information,” Marstall said. “So I’ll be sure to go over it a lot more before the next tournament to make sure I fully understand all of it.”

Besides gaining experience competing at tournaments, forensics team members improve a variety of their skills through practice and preparation.

“My forensics experience has been incredible,” Marstall said. “I’ve made really good friends, I’ve matured a lot and my public speaking skills have improved drastically along with my note taking.”

As always, team members encourage others to join.

“If I had to add anything it’s that underclassmen should try the team out and join debate and forensics,” Domingo said. “Some might find it fun and you definitely learn a lot from competing especially learning a lot about the world and problems about it.”