‘Staying at Tamara’s’ brings Ezra back into spotlight

Kaitlin Clark, Entertainment Editor

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Nearly four years after the release of his first studio album, “Wanted on Voyage,” singer and songwriter George Ezra has returned to the music scene with a shifting sound.

The Folk Rock artist explores complex themes of adventure, growth and escapism in his new album “Staying at Tamara’s,” expressed through both slow and upbeat numbers. Despite the new elements his album brings, Ezra’s lyrics remain as heartfelt and honest as always.

While some have said that Ezra’s sophomore album played it safe, I emphatically disagree. Ezra has created a unique sound for himself, and just because it isn’t inherently pop music that would commonly be played on the radio doesn’t mean that it isn’t a worthwhile album. In my opinion, it adds to the charm of it. Despite the criticism, Ezra doesn’t seem to have any plans to change his unique style.

“Instead of trying to appeal to a group of people that aren’t interested anyway, why not just do what you do well and be comfortable with it?” Ezra said in an interview with BBC.

While I greatly enjoyed each of the 11 songs on Ezra’s “Staying at Tamara’s” album, there are a few songs that stand above the rest.

Released 11 days before the March 23 release date of the full album, “Saviour” easily became my favorite song. Featuring Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit, the song is incredibly thoughtful, but also has an upbeat rhythm. The lyric video shows Ezra singing the song karaoke-style in front of a few people in a restaurant. The simple set allows Ezra’s vocals to truly shine. He discusses doubt and reminisces about the past with lines such as “take me back to that midnight moon,” which help convey a sense of nostalgia. Combine his thoughtful lyrics with a catchy tune, and “Saviour” instantly made its way to my playlist.

Ezra slows things down with “Hold My Girl,” a heartfelt song describing his love for a woman. He comforts her, encouraging her to open up to him. He affirms his commitment to loving her, which was so refreshing. It’s a gentle song that, due to the lyrics, still has a kind of strength to it. “Hold My Girl” is a song that will instantly relax listeners with its comforting and dreamy lyrics.

While each song carries a message, it is the overall themes of love, adventure and strength that really made “Staying at Tamara’s” something special for me. Even the title itself has a story. Ezra decided to spend a month in Barcelona while working on new music, and rented a room from a woman named Tamara. He ended up meeting her friends who were musicians and artists, and drew inspiration from that place, as well as from other locations he visited.

“I felt like I was a student again,” Ezra said in an interview with The Sun.

It was this sense of exploration and depth that made the album something that I have already listened to several times, with several of the songs finding spots on my list of favorite songs. If you’re looking for a way to get away from the frantic rush of everyday life and relax for a while, “Staying at Tamara’s” is the perfect way to escape into a dreamy world of the unknown.


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