Golf places eighth at Topeka Invite

Kami Bussmann, Staff Writer

For one of the first tournaments for the Manhattan High School boys golf team, they played with beautiful weather at Topeka Country Club on Monday. Even though the course was a tough place to play the boys, pulled through with some low scores all across the board.

“[there was] Tight fairways and lots of trees plus the greens were aerated,” sophomore Jake Cox said.

Senior, Ben Robben leaded the team with a 76 setting a PR for this High school season and placing 4th overall.

Josh Priddle, junior, was one stroke behind Robben scoring a 77. Senior Raul Garibay and sophomore Jake Cox tied with each other ending with a score of 85. Sophomore Casey Gritton shot a 90, leaving the team with a collective score of 323 which placed them in 8th.

The boys will play again in Hutchinson at Carey Park golf course on Friday with a practice round Thursday. They are looking for another set of low scores that will lead them towards the top.

“I think as a team we are encouraged by what we did today, and hopefully that will carry over into Friday,” Robben said.