Recently founded Hispanic Club hosts fiesta

Aloera Ostermann, Staff Writer

The newly created Manhattan High Hispanic Club held their first school-wide event since their creation early in the semester on Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m., a night full of fun called “Noche Hispana Fiesta.”

The event included a multitude of thrilling activities, all surrounding the Hispanic culture and traditions. Tickets went on sale for $3 per person and $5 per couple. For their first major event, the club is nothing but pleased with the how the night progressed.

“It was a success. We were expecting 50 people to show up but more people came which was really good,” Victor Banda, vice-president of the club, said. “It went the way we planned it and we showed how differently we do things in our culture.”

The fiesta had activities such as Hispanic music, dancing, piñatas and snacks or, as they say in Spanish, antojitos.

“We had Hispanic music only, a piñata, all sorts of foods and drinks,” Banda said.

The Hispanic food and drinks were accompanied by more popular American snacks for those attendees who were not quite accustomed to foreign flavors. The food also was a source of fuel for the many students caught up in the rhythm of the music.  

“I really liked the dancing aspect and learning from the different dance styles,” sophomore Elizabeth Chapman said. “I am a dancer so I love learning new styles.”

The fiesta received many volunteers, including assistance from club sponsor Olivia Leon-Toomajian, a Spanish teacher at MHS more than acquainted with Hispanic traditions. Leon sat at the front of the school passing out tickets and welcoming students to the event.  

“[It took] a lot of dedication from our sponsors and officers as well,” Luis Banda, president of the club, said. “We also had families that helped.”

In order to make such an exciting and memorable night happen, the club had to go through certain fundraising efforts to ensure they had enough money to host.

“We also had to do raffles at the school and at a church to raise money to make the party happen,” Luis said.

Their fundraising efforts did not go wasted, as current members and nonmembers of the club joined together for an unforgettable cultural experience.

“The whole thing was enjoyable,” Chapman said. “I felt everyone had a lot of fun.”