Softball swept by Topeka High

Megan Klug, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

After weeks of rain delays and changes in the schedule, the softball team was finally able to play a doubleheader with sunshine and warm weather. However, the Lady Indians suffered two losses to their opponent Topeka High on the road.

The team managed to keep the score fairly close due to equal effort on the offensive and defensive ends of the spectrum. Ultimately, the Indians lost the first game 7-6 and the second game 5-4. However, the girls are noticing improvement in their games.

“I feel like as the season goes on we just keep getting better,” senior Anna Batt said. “We’re learning with each game we play.”

Keeping both games close, the doubleheader still lead to their eighth consecutive loss of the season. Throughout the night, the players maintained a tight score and kept Topeka High from scoring excessively. They even took the first game to extra innings, losing in the eighth. Ultimately, there were a few plays that swayed to help their opponent.

“I think we had a few plays that didn’t go our way,” Batt said. “It was hard to come back from that.”

Coming with the territory of batting, Batt was hit by a pitch that left battle wound with a black and blue mark right above her elbow.

“I could tell the ball was inside and I just let it hit me,” Batt said. “It didn’t hurt too bad, but I woke up the next morning and lifted my arms to move my hair and saw this huge bruise.”

The Lady Indians will face one of Manhattan’s biggest rivals, Junction City, tonight at Anneberg fields. They will be recognizing all seven senior girls.

“It’s crazy to think it’s already senior night,” Batt said. “This season has gone by fast.”