Girls Soccer adds another win to record

Aloera Ostermann, Staff Writer

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After getting a short break from their busy three game a week schedule, the Lady Indians were right back at it.

They played and won 2-0 against Wichita Northwest on Tuesday, May 1. After that they had their Wednesday practice cancelled due to severe weather and had to head straight into their Thursday game.

On Thursday the Indians took on Highland Park. The home game was in danger of being cancelled but ended up withstanding the weather with the only infraction being a thirty minute rain delay. They were able to easily get the upper hand on the Lady Scots and only needed a single half to take them down. The Indians went into halftime 11-0 and didn’t need to return to the field as the game had been declared over.

With the MHS girls getting to an early lead at the beginning of the half they were able to try some things that other teams might not have the opportunity to do. The Indians coach Mike Sanchez decided to move his players around. Nearly each player on the team was able to play a new position.

“I think it helps us better understand how our teammates feel playing in their positions,” sophomore Alayna Girard said. “Almost the whole team played positions they weren’t used to including me.”

She was moved from her normal position of forward to having a shot at playing center back.

After their victory on versus Highland Park the Indians headed out to Topeka to play their next opponent, Hayden High. While this game was not as easy as the game versus Highland the Indians still came out on top with a final score of 2-0. They were able to keep the pace of the game going fast and the Hayden girls just couldn’t keep up.

With the inability to hang with the pace of the Indians Hayden trailed 1-0 at half and couldn’t recover after Manhattan scored again making it 2-0. This led to another successful week for the Indians leaving them in good shape for their last two regular season games before postseason

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