MHS Pops, Varsity Choirs display talent through annual Showcase Concert

Sophia Comas, Features Editor

The Pops and Varsity Choirs displayed their natural vocal talent through their annual Showcase Concert while also preparing to say their final goodbyes to their classmates on May 3.

The event also featured the Jazz Band and payed tribute to beloved drama teacher Linda Uthoff, who made the decision to retire after the 2017-2018 school year after teaching for 21 years.

“It was a super awesome opportunity to pay tribute to Mrs. Uthoff,” Claire Todd, senior, said. Her performance was stunning. I cried.”

The Pops and Varsity Choirs felt they were more than prepared to sing for the concert, but continued practicing before the event began to show their new music.

“Showcase was a concert I think we were all ready to do,” Parker Wilson, junior, said. “It was a performance by the Pops and Varsity Choirs that showcased new pieces we have been working on this semester.”

While the concert wasn’t as high maintenance as previous performances by the choirs, both groups still put forth their best efforts to ensure a quality performance to remember their time at MHS.

“Showcase is a pretty routine thing for the choirs so I wasn’t too stressed,” Todd said. “Although, it was my last showcase performance with Pops so it was a little bittersweet.”

Despite the low maintenance, both groups still dedicated their class time to rehearse. The underclassmen are also finding ways to say goodbye to their long-time friends and classmates who will be leaving when the semester concludes.

“Mostly in class singing we work out the songs and also a lot of mental preparing to say goodbye to the seniors,” Wilson said.

Although they spent countless times rehearsing, the Pops and Varsity Choirs did run into a few minor setbacks.

“Overall, I think everyone had really solid performances. Pops probably oversang a tad,” Todd said. “I heard Varsity had some issues with memorization but they covered well enough that I didn’t notice during the performance. Jazz band was perfect.”

With their mistakes unnoticed, the concert helped the groups get a better understanding of how they perform in front of an audience and how to improve themselves before their final concert at the end of the year.

“We can observe how we’re performing and fix mistakes as well as get audience feedback,” Todd said.

With this audience feedback, both choir groups are hoping their final performance will be just as breathtaking and also more than memorable than the rest of the school year.