‘Infinity War’ does not hold back *Caution Spoilers*

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‘Infinity War’ does not hold back *Caution Spoilers*

Megan Klug, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

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As I sat in the cushioned chairs at the AMC theaters in Manhattan Town Center, I watched as more and more people came into the theater. “Avengers: Infinity War” was undeniably highly-anticipated and its fans filled theaters quickly. Breaking records in the box office for fastest grossing movie, “Infinity War” reached $1 billion faster than any other movie. However, more than just Avengers fans attended the movies. As someone who has not seen every Marvel movie, but has seen most, it was incredibly entertaining and suspenseful.

The movie started with a bang, with a intergalactic battle between Thanos, Loki and Thor. This scene set the tone of the rest of the movie. After surrendering one of the Infinity Stones to Thanos in order to save his brother, Loki attempted to strike a deal to help him on Earth. Merely seconds later, he tried to murder Thanos. Consequently, Loki was killed. Killing off such a well-known and strong character foreshadowed the trail of events for the rest of the movie.

Hulk showed up on the ship and attempted to take on Thanos, but was defeated and thrown to the ground. As Thanos and his crew were leaving, they did not hold back, killing Thor’s best friend Heimdall. I found this scene to be well thought out. It was evident that the directors were not holding anything back and that all bets are off on some of the favorite characters. It was slightly strange that they started with such an impactful scene, but I felt that it added to the urgency of the movie and the plot.

As Thanos set off towards Earth, the Avengers team was spread out. On Earth, Thanos was met by Iron Man, Dr. Strange, The Hulk and the newest addition, Spider-Man. They did not make any progress against Thanos, Thor remained in space. In space, he was met by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Combining all of these people together hurt my head a bit. However, it was incredibly entertaining. The banter between Thor and Star-Lord lightens the mood of the movie and incorporates humor. It adds to the charisma of the movie and makes it better as a whole.

Both sets of Avengers, and now the Guardians, set off to battle Thanos. After some fretful encounters between Thanos and his daughter Gamora, she was sacrificed for the soul stone.The scene revealed a sense of humanization for Thanos, but also created a sense of anger from the audience. When Gamora was thrown down into a pit of nothingness, I wanted nothing more than to stand up and challenge Thanos myself. But, I think that this was exactly what was intended. The directors managed to build an emotional connection from the audience, which adds to the overall experience of watching a movie.

They all continued their voyages, meeting up with the people of Wakanda. Thor was busy working to make a more powerful weapon, but eventually met up with the team in Wakanda. Vision and the Scarlet Witch were in hiding prior to Thanos’ attack, but followed the Avengers team to Wakanda. Vision contains one of the stones Thanos is searching for, so the only way to keep him from retrieving all of the stones the Scarlet Witch decides to destroy the stone with her powers.

However, Thanos uses the time stone to reverse and save the mind stone and with the snapping of his fingers, half of the universe began disintegrating into thin air. This part of the movie was beyond frustrating for me. There were so many opportunities for a happy ending, but it seemed as if fate was against them. Due to this, it did steer away from the cliches of superhero movies and challenged the norms. I can appreciate the idea behind it, but was angered at the absense of a sense of resolution.

The only characters left after Thanos’ shenanigans included, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and Hulk. The final scene also indicates an appearance by Captain Marvel.

Needless to say, I left the theater with my mind blown. The movie itself was shot incredibly well with beautiful cinematography. Any use of special effects seemed real and lifelike. The cast has all been playing their designated hero for years and captured them perfectly. While at times it did get a bit overwhelming with how many powerful characters there were, there seemed to be a balance between them. I wish the ending would have gone a bit differently or that there was more hope for the future movie, but I would recommend it to any action movie lover. Especially for a Marvel fan, this movie is worth every penny.

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‘Infinity War’ does not hold back *Caution Spoilers*