Double standard or public meltdown?

Javi Mercado, Staff Photographer

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A broken racket and an early-called match remained after Serena Williams threw a tantrum and made foolish allegations against chair umpire Carlos Ramos at the U.S. Open on Sunday June 17. Williams called Ramos “sexist” and a “thief,” blaming him for her championship loss.

The incident started with Williams’s coach Patrick Mouratoglo to secretly coach from the stands during the match, which is illegal in tennis. Later her coach admitted that he was giving signs from his seat.

After Williams received the foul, tension began to rise, making the environment hostile for the crowd, which became very energetic and involved during Williams outburst. Williams’ fans even went so far as to boo at the trophy ceremony while William’s opponent, 20 year old Naomi Osaka, was crying while receiving her first place trophy for winning the U.S. Open. This caused confusion about the crowd booing; however, they weren’t booing for the unexpected outcome, but rather for how the umpire resolved the situation.

Williams later broke her racket, which is without context a violation. Afterwards she said “You stole a point from me, you’re a thief too.”

Speaking like this to a ref regardless of what sport shouldn’t be allowed regardless of who the player is. This ref is known to be strict at times towards all players he refs for. But he is well respected in the professional tennis community. What Williams doesn’t realize is that men receive almost three times as many code violations as women in the past 20 years of grand-slam events. Says reporter Simon Briggs from

So Williams is right for a claim of double standard, but it’s toward the men players of to our surprise. At her best she is a huge role model to all tennis players, especially to black females. She is the greatest female tennis player ever and you can’t take that away from her.

But she took away that young girl’s moment by throwing tantrums and making the whole match about herself instead of the actual champion. I understand she wanted to win but to make the whole situation about gender is where she lost her argument and making her points invalid. She was fined $17,000 for the outbursts but she will never be able to pay the debt that she owes Osaka for taking her moment of winning her first U.S. Open.

The media has been trying to steer away from all the controversy  while trying to interview Osaka but they usually end up asking about William’s outburst, labeling this championship match more of a Serena Williams loss, than a Naomi Osaka victory. No one will talk about how well Osaka played during the time of the U.S. Open and she will never get the respect and recognition she deserves because Williams wanted to make a stand for her false allegations and inevitable loss she would later blame on Ramos.

Williams during the match was very unprofessional and her fine is more than deservable. Her tantrums and allegations can’t go without punishment and I stand with Ramos and approve with how he handled the situation.

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