Girls Varsity tennis defends home

Hannah Heger, Features Editor

Girls Varsity tennis competed for the home crowd in their only meet at home on Sept. 11.

Playing in Mike Goss tennis facility at Kansas State University, the team placed first, sophomore Kayla Lei placed second in one singles, junior Kate McGee placed second in two singles, juniors Kira Schartz and Joanna Park placed first in one doubles, and freshman Hannah Loub and senior Jill Broxterman placed second.

The team was excited to play for their peers and family members along with the chance to show tennis to the community and get involved,

“Both sets of grandparents are here,” Schartz said. “My grandparents came from Dodge City and they don’t really get to see me play that often.”

According to Lei, not many people are interested in tennis but knowing people came to watch and support the experience better,

“I also think it depends on the mindset. If you’re going to come in thinking that tennis sucks then you’re probably gonna come out still thinking that tennis sucks,” Park said. ”I get why no one watches it, it is definitely a slow sport to watch.”

Along with having few meets at home and fewer fans with interest in the sport, the team still overcomes the challenges.

“I feel like having a home game gives any athlete some more motivation to do well,” Park said, “and also it makes them feel more appreciated. Even though not many students came, having other people we knew still made us feel a little more important.”

Having home meets is a rare occasion for the team but next year the team might have few more chances to play at home.

“I am really grateful for all the support that we’ve got, you know, all of our teachers and our friends coming to watch us,” Lei said.

But the chance of more home meets is coming soon with the new courts at City Park.

“That’s an occasion that, you know, doesn’t happen very often. The team usually does not play many meets at home,” head coach Tony Ingram said. “Now with the six courts that have now been completed at least resurfaced, we could hold a quad of four teams. If we were fortunate enough to play on KSU courts, then we could host a bigger tournament maybe once a year.”  

But next year is far away and the team has to stay focused on this season, with multiple meets before the Centennial League at 8:30 a.m. on Oct. 1 at Seaman.