Fall Musical begins rehearsals

Kaitlin Clark, Print Editor-in-Chief

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The Manhattan High fall musical cast and crew have launched themselves straight into rehearsals as they begin learning the show tunes that are so central to “Newsies.” For the last week, the cast has worked solely on music. Choir teacher Chad Pape has taken on the additional role of music director for the fall musical.

Pape’s experience as the MHS choir teacher has added a technical depth to rehearsals, one that cast members have certainly noticed.

“Since we have a choir teacher, it is professional,” junior Rose Carter, who will play principle newsie Finch, said. “We go through how you sing, and how we count beats in between singing. It’s all about how we sing…”

Over the last week, Pape has had a chance to observe where the cast is musically and feels optimistic.

“…the cast learned the music a lot faster than I expected them to, and they’re great, nice people, so it’s done really well,” Pape said.

Cast members remain similarly upbeat as they begin rehearsals.

“I feel like last year, the morale for the show was a lot lower,” senior Jayden Gittle said, “and this year, I think everybody’s really excited and the songs are really great.”

In addition to playing principle newsie Specks in the musical, Gittle will also be working on fundraising efforts as the Thespian reporter and publicist. Thespians are currently planning to sew doll clothes that replicate the costumes of the cast so that younger audience members can take home a piece of the show.

“…I think a lot of kids will come to see [the show], and hopefully they all have American Girl dolls, and they can buy some clothes,” Gittle said. They also plan to sell “Newsies”-themed buttons at a time closer to the show.

Rehearsals may have just begun, but the cast is already looking forward to a successful production.

“I’m just really looking forward to the performances,” Carter said. “I’m excited for the feeling of being on stage in front of the classes.”

While rehearsals are exciting for cast members and directors alike, they are simultaneously working toward creating a production that the public will enjoy watching. They hope that people will enjoy the show during its November show dates as much as they do during this first week of rehearsal.

“Part of the great thing about doing musical theater is it’s such a popular art form,” Pape said. “It’s great to just have an audience sit and feel purely entertained for a couple hours.”


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