Environmental Science Investigations plans for eco-friendly year

Kami Bussmann, Staff Writer

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Environmental Science Investigations club is doing what they can do to help the environment and community.

“[We] focus on making the school and community environmentally healthy,” secretary Elora Neff, junior, said.

This year they already have a couple things planned such as a garden clean-up, a monarch way station and a metal straw fundraiser. All the proceeds from their fundraiser go to their club so that they can continue to help the environment. They are selling reusable metal straws this Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Marlatt Elementary gym for $4 a straw.

“It’s to use less plastic straws,” Neff said. “So plastic straws don’t get thrown away and into the ocean harming marine life.”

ESI is having their garden clean-up in both courtyards at Manhattan High. The club will be going around and making sure that the courtyards are tidy and clean. Their monarch way station is happening at our school as well. This will be a place for monarch butterflies to come and rest during yearly migration.

“[We’re] converting common areas like the courtyards by replacing grass with mulch and flowers to attract pollinators,” Clancey Livingston, ESI sponsor, said.

The club will also be doing a variety of unique activities to promote their group and bring awareness to the student body of the impact they have on the environment.

“[We hope to] have people bring in empty plastic bottles because we are going to make a fake palm tree,” Neff said.

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