Firearm found in auto tech class

Micheal Simmons, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

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Despite signage and regulations in place to stop firearms from arriving on campus, a handgun was found in the vehicle of an Auto Technology customer on Thursday.

An Intro to Auto Technology student discovered the handgun in a vehicle belonging to a “patron of the community,” according to Manhattan High principal Greg Hoyt.

In a release emailed to MHS students and parents, Hoyt released the following statement to MHS students and parents on Thursday afternoon:


Release issued 1:55 p.m. on Sept. 13:

Parents, Guardians, and Students –

School safety and security is the highest priority for you, us, and our community. In that respect, I must notify you of an incident that occurred on school grounds this morning, at approximately 9:45am.

A personal vehicle belonging to a community member (not a student or staff member) was brought into our Auto Mechanics shop for some general maintenance. In the process of servicing the vehicle, a student noticed a book and case on the floor board and posted a video on social media of both the book and the student opening the case. Inside of the case was a handgun and at least one magazine. It is unclear whether the weapon contained a round in the chamber or a loaded magazine.

The vehicle was removed by the owner at approximately 10:15am.

At approximately 10:45am, an assistant principal was notified by a concerned student of the video they had seen on social media. Assistant principals immediately gathered information from the reporting student, notified the Riley County Police Department, and began investigating.

At this time, all staff and students at school are safe and not in immediate danger. However, in this day and age this incident is cause for great concern. We are thankful for the student that immediately brought this to our attention, and we have received multiple phone calls while investigating.

School safety is the responsibility of us all, and we thank you for your concern and cooperation. RCPD is continuing their investigation.

Greg Hoyt, MHS Principal

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