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Boys golf doubtful about recent Regionals tournament, places third

May 13, 2019

With hard and consistent practice throughout the season, Manhattan High boys golf placed third at Regionals yesterday at Wamego Country Club in which they qualified for State on May 20. According to head coach Brad Ficke, yesterda...

‘Extremely Wicked’ shows power of manipulation through amazing performances

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

May 7, 2019

The charismatic, handsome devil proceeds to be the center of attention once again. The story of Ted Bundy, a serial killer, rapist and necrophiliac, was presented in the new dramatic film, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Ev...

Boys Golf strides to get better for upcoming tournaments

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

May 6, 2019

Throughout the season, the Manhattan High boys golf team has struggled with inconsistency and pressure, which has affected their individual and overall scores. However, last Thursday’s meet turned that around, making it one of t...

Vaccination is necessary, disease easily preventable

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

April 29, 2019

Diseases, such as measles and typhoid fever, have reached a point in which they are getting progressively more and more uncommon… until now. After the recent measles outbreak in New York, California, the Philippines and o...

MHS has appropriate mental health resources in place, needs better awareness

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

April 8, 2019

Over the past five years, Manhattan High has faced an increased amount of suicides. Even though the school feels in some way obligated to add extra resources and ensure that students get the help they need, the resources alread...

‘Five Feet Apart’ powerfully signifies vulnerabilities of cystic fibrosis

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

March 27, 2019

Six feet apart and never less. This is one of the main struggles that a young couple faces from suffering a progressive, genetic disease called cystic fibrosis in the newest romantic drama, “Five Feet Apart.” Based on Rac...

Bowling places at Topeka West quad

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

January 15, 2019

With only a nine pin difference, Varsity Boys Bowling placed second, along with Varsity girls and Junior Varsity boys, at their first meet of the season. The meet took place at Ridge Lanes in Topeka. The quad included teams from Seaman (2383), ...

School emergency drills should be more randomized

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

December 4, 2018

Security has been an issue for dozens of schools worldwide, including Manhattan High. One debated issue is our current lock-down and secure campus system. At the moment, school emergencies happen during class times at Manhattan...

Recent Varsity tournament loss from overconfidence upsets Scholars Bowl

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

December 4, 2018

After a recent loss, Scholars Bowl is working hard on improvements for future competitions. “[It was] definitely one of the worst meets I’ve been to, still fun though,” junior Styopa Zharkov said. The varsity team t...

Bowling tryouts begin for a new season

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

December 3, 2018

After three days of tryouts, the bowling team has their new team, believing that this season will turn out to be a successful one from seeing how much effort and how hard the students work. “We have five of the six varsity bowlers r...

Media literacy proves beneficial for everyone

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

November 13, 2018

As support for mainstream media declines, media literacy is becoming less important than it should be. According to MediaLiteracy.com, media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, communicate and create using al...

Scholars Bowl comes out undefeated in their first meet

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

November 6, 2018

Junior Varsity Scholars Bowl kicked off the new season with an 11-0 win in their first meet last Thursday at Topeka High School. “We went 11-0 on the night and finished in first place,” Ted Dawdy, Scholars Bowl coach, said. “Elev...

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