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Brianna Carmack

Brianna Carmack, Entertainment Editor

Junior Brianna Carmack, Entertainment Editor, is the epitome of the values of student journalism. 

Carmack has strived to educate herself  in the field of student journalism, beginning her education in her freshman year at Manhattan High.

By her sophomore year, Carmack had already proved herself a dedicated student, rising to the ranks of Opinions Editor within her first official weeks on staff. 

“I kind of enjoy the stress of the class,” Carmack said. “It makes me feel kind of productive… I like the fact that I can kind of go around the school and know the school a little bit better than I did freshman year, sophomore year… I enjoy the social aspect of it.”

Carmack, an avid reader and writer, was drawn to journalism due to career aspirations. Her continued love of the activity lies within the creative outlet staff provides.

“I’m really into design and really into writing so I feel like a lot of the stuff that we do in this class could help contribute to the stuff that I want to do in the future,” Carmack said. “I would like to do something where I can write stories for for some kind of publication, whether it's online or a newspaper or magazine; I just like to write.”

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