StuCo elections all virtual for 2020-2021 school year

Brianna Carmack, Print Editor-and-Chief

While in a global pandemic, campaigning to win a position in the Student Body looks a little different compared to previous years. Last Thursday, new candidates were elected after weeks of campaigning while trying to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

According to the Student Council officer Mia Thompson, the voting was opened a week later than they expected due to a low percentage of online votes.

“[There wasn’t a] high enough percentage of people from the high school who voted,” Thompson said. “So, we extended it just so we get more people to vote.”

Voting was done virtually this year. Advisories were expected to encourage the students to watch speeches of the candidates through Canvas and then fill out a Google survey with their selections for Student Body roles. The voting was originally scheduled to close on Sept. 18, but was extended to Sept. 25.

The promotion of each class officer was seen differently per candidate. Some created posters to hang up throughout the school while some were engaged in making TikTok videos to help reach a broader audience.

“Almost everything was virtual this time,” sophomore and now elected sophomore Student Body class president Ava Reese said. “I made a couple of infographics to post on Snapchat and Instagram and I also made a TikTok on why you should vote for me.”

Freshman Grace Geisbrecht wasn’t even against anyone for the role as the freshmen Student Body president. However, that didn’t stop her from campaigning just as hard as some of the other candidates.

“I posted stuff on Instagram about it and on social media and I hung posters around the school.” Geisbrecht said.

Because of COVID-19 guidelines, many of the goals that the Student body officers have are all similar. Many want to provide a safe and positive environment for the school year to ensure that the students are happy.

“I think especially with everything happening I want to have a really positive environment and find ways to help keep that positivity alive, especially this year,” Reese said.


Freshmen winning candidates

  • Grace Geisbrecht — President
  • Kamryn Gillispie — Vice President
  • Emery Ruliffson — Secretary
  • Allina Dougherty — Treasurer

Sophomore winning candidates

  • Ava Reese — President
  • Isaac Thompson — Vice President
  • Ameerah Alfailakawi — Secretary
  • Eddie Brueggar — Treasurer

Junior winning candidates

  • Ibrahim Ciftci — President
  • Ashi — Vice President
  • Monroe Say — Secretary
  • Ella Ruliffson — Treasurer

Senior winning candidates

  • Taylor Claussen — President
  • Grace Hughes — Vice President
  • Emma Wilson — Secretary
  • Jazmin Gantt — Treasurer