Student Council holds parking raffle

Brianna Carmack, Print Editor-in-Chief

For the past week, Student Council has given students and faculty a chance to participate in their yearly parking spot raffle. Science teacher Craig Ackerman was the lucky winner who will now be able park in the front loop of Manhattan High every morning.

“[I was] extremely shocked,” Ackerman said. “I actually didn’t buy any raffle tickets. I didn’t put my name in, but a really nice person bought lottery tickets for me and put my name in and so it was really shocking that I won because I didn’t think I’d even enter.”

With the recent construction, everyone’s morning routine has changed a bit in order to snatch a spot in one of the few parking lots. Now that Ackerman has a permanent spot, he won’t need to worry about a parking spot making his life more difficult.

“Obviously it makes it a lot easier because every morning I drop my boys off at day care and things like that,” Ackerman said. “I’m usually getting to school pretty late — close to first hour when I show up — and parking spots are kind of tough to find, so having a guaranteed spot is going to be pretty nice for sure.”

Although Ackerman didn’t hope for the spot, he is still grateful that he doesn’t have to worry about parking in the morning.

“It’s not like I was planning on or hoping for or anything like that [it] just kind of worked out,” Ackerman said. “I guess I will say I feel bad for everybody that did put their name in and didn’t get it because they were probably actually hoping for a spot more than I was.”