Baseball prepares for upcoming season through conditioning

Brianna Carmack , Entertainment Editor

As winter sports are wrapping up, spring sports began their first practices together yesterday.

Baseball, in particular, began preparing for the season since the second semester began by conditioning after school everyday. 

“We’ve been conditioning in the evenings,” junior Dayne Aschenbrenner said. “Some guys have…  hit on [their] own, but we’ve been conditioning as a team.”

Anyone who is interested in playing baseball this year has partaken in conditioning after school. However, some players who participated last year immediately began preparing for this year as soon as the last season ended.

“[I have been preparing] since last season ended,” senior Domenic Huber said. “I played summer ball and then throughout the school year this year [I’ve been] just practicing and getting ready.”

One downfall that the team might be facing is the lack of seniors who played last year. Some of them have already dedicated their future to playing for a certain team for a certain school and are not yet decided on whether they will participate in baseball this year.

“I have already committed and signed to play college football,” senior Tyce Hoover said. “I was unsure if I wanted to take spring sports off and train for football or play in my last season of baseball.”

The students are excited to take on this season knowing that they have big goals in mind that they want to accomplish. 

“These past two years we’ve missed out on our regional title, so I think this year we’re really gunning for that original title of making it to State,” Huber said. “I think we can get a lot of stuff accomplished this season.”