Seniors start new ‘Sticker Scrunchies’ business

Brianna Carmack, Entertainment Editor

From adding stickers to a fancy new water bottle to matching scrunchies to an outfit, these trendy accessories have taken over the teenage world. 

Due to such a popular growth for the love of scrunchies and stickers, seniors Carter Wiens and Alayna Girard have co-owned a business called “Sticker Scrunchies” since the summer. They make and sell stickers and scrunchies to locals in Manhattan. This idea to begin a business came from Girard’s love of scrunchies and stickers and Wiens’s driving force to start a business selling to interested customers.

“I wanted them for myself. I wanted to make a certain scrunchie and then I just kind of got more interested in it,” Girard said. “Same with my water bottle. I wanted some stickers for it and couldn’t exactly find what I wanted.”

Without previous experience of making stickers and scrunchies, Wiens and Girard have successfully sold a few orders since they began in the summer. Their affordable prices make buying a sticker or scrunchie accessible to many students throughout Manhattan High and also around town. 

“Stickers are $2 and scrunchies are $3 and that’s the same for all of them,” Girard said.

Though their experience in making stickers and scrunchies is nonexistent, Wiens has managed to use his business knowledge from the past to help advertise and publicize “Sticker Scrunchies” for more engagement with future customers.

“I used to fix people’s phones, so if your screen was cracked I could fix your screen,” Wiens said. “I did that for a little bit and then stopped.”

Their inspiration comes from the latest trends and Instagram posts, which help them make stickers and scrunchies that everyone will have an interest in.

“[The inspiration comes from] what the trends are, like stuff we find on Instagram and like seeing other people’s interest really helps a lot,” Girard said.

Even though making scrunchies and creating stickers is more of a hobby to them, the pair still has motivation to make more.

“It’s just the thought that like other people are enjoying what we’re making and… they’ll get something out of it,” Girard said.

Not only are the customers motivating Girard and Weins’, but the two themselves have also motivated them as well.

“Alayna motivates me a lot,” Wiens said. “We’re just getting started so we hope this is just the beginning.”

Although it hasn’t not started off completely successful with constant orders, it still has impacted Girard’s and Wiens’ relationship.

“It’s bringing Alayna and I closer while we are doing something that we love,” Wiens said.