Students go to K-State for many opportunities after high school

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

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With each year bringing students closer and closer to the end of their time in high school, some students are making early preparations.

Sophomores and up were able to take a trip to Kansas State University to tour the campus and learn about the many majors K-State has to offer on Friday. The students had the opportunity to meet some of the professors and students and eat in one of the dining halls for lunch. The trip lasted the entire day allowing each of the students enough time to really get a feel of the campus.

“K-State is my first choice for college because it’s close to home, so I wanted to get to know the campus a little better,” sophomore Hannah Humes said. “I’ve also considered going into a business profession and touring the building and meeting professors was a great way to see if that is something I want to do.”

With some of the students unsure about their future plans, it was beneficial for them to spend a day at K-State and get a feel for what it’s actually like.

“I am pretty sure [about] what I want to do when I’m older, but I’m still not sure,” sophomore Isabel Porres said. “I was interested in learning about K-State to see if anything sparked my interest and to see if K-State might be an option for me.”

After the trip, some of the students felt very satisfied with what K-State provided. The number of opportunities for different majors really stuck out to the students.

“I learned that they have so many different places on campus that give students opportunities to study, hang with people and even work,” sophomore Jazmin Gantt said. “I feel that K-State really cares about their students.”

While living in Manhattan can make K-State seem undesirable for some students, a panel of current K-State students convinced Manhattan High participants otherwise.

“The panel of students assured us that you really will get the college experience,” Porres said, “and that living in the dorms your first year is the way to go.”  

For some students, knowing that life after high school is coming near can be frightening. Even touring colleges can seem surreal.

“It’s kind of scary knowing that I only have two more years of high school left,” Porres said. “It’s crazy to think that I’m already looking at colleges. I’m not looking very seriously by any means, but still. I’ve toured a college campus and that’s insane to me.”

Touring the campus definitely changed the perspective some students had about K-State. With the opportunities MHS gives for students to travel to colleges for their future, this can be very advantageous.

“K-State offers many opportunities for everyone,” Gantt said. “It’s such an amazing environment so I feel like everybody at MHS or anywhere in Kansas should at least consider it.”

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