Cheer tryouts approaching

Brianna Carmack, Print Editor-in-Chief

The Manhattan High cheer team will host in-person tryouts on April 10. Students who want to try out for cheer will be allowed to learn the tryout material on April 7-9 in time for tryouts.

Since the cheerleaders haven’t learned the tryout material yet, they have instead worked on key skills that can make or break a student’s chance of being on the team.

“I have been stretching and practicing my jumps every day,” junior Meredith Graves said. “Since we don’t have tryout materials yet it’s very important to work on jumps. They can be the one deciding factor in making the team.”

Tryouts will still follow COVID-19 guidelines by having all grade levels come at different times for social distancing purposes.

According to Graves and junior Alyssa Martinez, cheer has given the cheerleaders many opportunities at making friends.

“I’m trying out this year because I love cheering and I’ve made so many good memories from being on this team,” Martinez said. “The team is my home away from home.”

The cheerleaders recommend that anyone try out if they are interested. 

“Don’t be discouraged to get out there,” Martinez said. “The team is so welcoming and it’s a great way to meet new people.”

“If you’re on the fence about trying out, just go for it,” Graves said. “It’s such an amazing experience and you’ve got nothing to lose. I hope to see a lot of new faces.”